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PRODUCT | Address Verification for ACT!

Address Verification for ACT! How much will you gain with correct addresses and phone numbers for your prospects and customers?

Stop wasting money because your client has moved or you have invalid addresses! For just pennies per record, Address Verification for ACT! will check your addresses against the National Change of Address list and a CASS certified database. Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in wasted postage by staying current. Only 7.9 cents per record. Guaranteed to provide you the latest information on your clients whereabouts.

How does it work?

We install a small program in ACT!, export your contacts to a file, run them through our Address Verification software and then import the list back into ACT!. We do it all for you! And we’ll even do it over the weekend if you like!

No Risk!

A complete history record is created with any changes made, so you can rest assured that if something changed that shouldn’t have, you will still have all of the old information – no risk of lost data.

Need phone numbers?

Residential phone numbers can usually be found for about 70% of your database and cell phones for around 30%. Get one or both for only an additional 7.9 cents each per record.

If you send mail and get returns or place calls to wrong numbers, this service is for you.

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Address Verification for ACT! Address Verification for ACT! will verifiy the addresses in your ACT! database. If your contacts have moved you will receive their new address. In addition we can provide residential and mobile phone numbers for your contacts. We provide CASS certification and NCOA. Requires ACT! 2007 or higher.
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SPECIAL OFFER / First 100 customers, only $49.95/1000 (minimum 2000)

(Reg price $79/1K for minimum 2000 verifications / $79 for each additional 1000

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System Requirements:

  • ACT! 2007 or higher

Compatible with:

ACT! 9 / 2007 and Newer

Technical Support
provided by ADS Programming Services



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