Good Karma Bank of Mike Lazarus

Mike Lazarus has donated zillions of hours to ACT!Fanatics. All because he is such a great guy. All of us have learned, and had questions answered at one time or another by or because of Mike. While he is stockpiling a wealth of good karma, we thought it would be great to return the love in a more material form.

By clicking the button below, you can give Mike 5 bucks. If you wish to give more, simple change the quantity at the shopping cart. It increases in increments of $5, so a qty of 23 divided by the hypotenuse of the square of forever = good karma

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CLAIMER: If you think we need any more bad karma and would consider taking the bucks to, say, Madagascar and retiring to a life of leisure and sun and no stress ... this is our solemn word to give Mike 100% of the $$.