TopLine Dash

The ultimate reporting addon for Act!

Powerful and highly flexible, TopLine Dash is the easy-to-use real-time dashboard based reporting tool for Act!. Choose from Personal or Manager editions to view data for yourself or for all of your Act! users on one screen within the Act! application.

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topline dash - prioritize sales activity topline dash - activities 30, 60, 90 days topline dash - opportunities

topline dash - advanced query topline dash  - print to pdf topline dash - activity kpi report

topline dash - activity kpi bar chart topline dash - history kpi pie chart topline dash - products sold

Work effectively

  • Centralize and organize all key activities, opportunities, histories, notes, custom tables, companies and contacts in one view.
  • Manage your database - Realign territories.  Reschedule multiple activities or opportunities at once.
  • Communicate faster by emailing one or more histories directly from the dashboard.
  • Create follow-up activities from your pipeline list.

Analyze insightfully

  • Compare, analyze and drill down on activities, histories, opportunities, custom tables, products and queries or graphs.
  • Monitor and quantify sales performance with key performance indicator (KPI) statistics. Calculate sum and average.
  • Easily create multiple-table queries with SQL statement auto-generation.
  • Build exception reports and identify neglected accounts.
  • Set targets for activity and opportunity levels to identify gaps and adjust sales plans.
  • Choose from many templates and easily customize your own dashboards using our Dashboard Wizard.  Drag and drop panels and fields.

Report instantly

  • Share your dashboard as a report in PDF format.
  • Export any list to MS Excel.
  • Use TopLine Dash Alerts bundle to automate your dashboard reporting.

TopLine Dash Features:

Dashboard Wizard: Quickly set up your dashboard parameters and filters using our Dashboard Wizard.  Organize your dashboards in the folder structure by favorites, teams, business functions and more.

Customizable Views: Add any database fields or custom tables to your list views. Quickly save or reload your favorite dashboards. Copy or drag and drop dashboard panels and columns. Select different users for each panel. Move the legend as needed.

Custom Tables:  View and graph related custom tables side-by-side in the same view, e.g. projects, tickets and contracts.

Contact Details: Preview an editable contact layout by clicking on any lists of activities, opportunities, queries, histories, notes or products.

Calendar: Simultaneously view and edit multiple calendars.

Activities: Create customized activity lists or drill-down pie or bar graphs.

Opportunities: Create customized opportunity lists or drill-down graphs,
auto-calculate counts, gross margins, weighted totals and actual totals. Create follow-up activities directly from your pipeline report.

Contact Lists: List your most important dynamic or ad-hoc group of contacts and edit them.

Histories: View, filter and sort by history types and create history summary drill-down graphs. Right click to email history items.

Products: View your selected products by sales stages, date range in a list or drill-down graph.

Queries: Perform powerful query lists and corresponding graphical views.  Easily create multiple-table queries with SQL statement auto-generation.

Filtering: Filter by any field in your database.

Sorting: Sort by any field in your database.

Interactive: Update the dashboard by selecting filters and sorting on the fly. Update multiple opportunities and activities simultaneously. Create look-ups from your notes, histories, activities, opportunities or custom tables.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): View and filter your sales metrics on activities, histories or opportunities, e.g., number of calls, emails, quotes, new opportunities, win/lose ratio calculations and more.

Sum/total:  Sum/total for any numeric or currency field in a list view.

Reporting: Print your favorite dashboard panels as a PDF and share with others. Create read-only dashboards. Email selected histories.

What's New Report: View the last synchronization, new contacts, histories,  notes, opportunities and activities for each user.

Export to Excel: Export activities, notes, histories, opportunities, contacts and KPI statistics to MS Excel format. 


TopLine Dash



Other products by Topline Results Corp.:

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TopLine Alerts is a notification program for Act! Windows or web. Alerts monitors activities and opportunities in your Act! database and sends customized email notifications. TopLine Alerts is designed to be installed on the server where Act! resides, but will also work on an individual workstation. Only one license of TopLine Alerts is needed to alert every user in the master database. TopLine Alerts automates the report process, saving you time and administrative resources. FREE TRIAL

TopLine Dash
Topline Dash is a powerful, highly flexible and easy to use real-time reporting tool for Act!. See combined data for all of the users in your database directly within the Act! application on one screen. FREE TRIAL

TopLine Designer
TopLine Designer allows you to create custom tables when you need to track more than just basic field information in your database. Custom tabs can be added to the Company, Contact or Group to provide you with the ability to create highly customized industry-specific solutions. We include basic templates for you to use or modify. TopLine Designer is simple, flexible and powerful! FREE TRIAL

TopLine Server Suite
TopLine Server Suite simplifies your Act! reporting by allowing you to automatically generate and email PDF or Excel reports at any interval you choose. TopLine Server Suite is a bundle package which includes TopLine Designer, TopLine Dash Manager and TopLine Alerts. FREE TRIAL

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$79 -- Personal
$149 -- Manager



  • Server Suite Bundle
    $299 -- Includes:
    Alerts Pro +Designer + Dash Manager
  • Dash Alerts Bundle
    $279/user -- Includes:
    Alerts Pro + Dash Manager
  • TopLine Designer Plus Bundle $199/user Includes:
    Dash Manager + Designer

    The only difference between Dash Personal and Dash Manager is that Dash Personal is for one user only. Whereas Dash Manager allows you view all active Act! user's data.

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Compatible with:

  • Act! 8 / 2006 and Newer

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The only difference between the Dash Manager and the Dash Personal is the Dash Personal is for one user only. Whereas the Dash Manager allows you view all active Act! user's data.

Also available in Server Suite Bundle for $299, includes Designer, Alerts Pro and Dash Manager

Also available in Designer Plus Bundle for $199/user, includes Designer and Dash Manager

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TopLine Dash





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