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QuoteWerks and Act! Integration

Act! Integration
QuoteWerks is the integrated quoting solution for Act! that bridges the divide between sales processes, automation, and productivity. The seamless integration between QuoteWerks and Act! enables users to launch QuoteWerks from within Act! thus maximizing the full potential of their sales process, while at the same time eliminating the hassle of retyping customer information. Orders can be exported to industry-leading accounting software like QuickBooks® and Peachtree. QuoteWerks is the scalable, award-winning solution that redefines and revolutionizes the sales quoting process.

Link to Product Data Sources -- Import from spreadsheets/text files or manually enter products into product and services databases. Link to any ODBC compliant data source including MS Access, SQL, Excel®, Ingram Micro® and Tech Data®'s offline price guides.

Real-time Data -- Real-time Web pricing and availability module is available for Tech Data, Ingram Micro, SYNNEX, and D&H.

Online Ordering -- Online order submission for TechData is now available.

E-Mail your Quotes -- Integrated e-mail client enables you to e-mail quotes directly from within QuoteWerks using SMTP or Microsoft® Outlook® with a single click. Quotes are e-mailed in either RTF (Microsoft Word compatible) or PDF (Adobe® Acrobat® compatible) format.

Link to Accounting Software -- The Professional Edition of QuoteWerks integrates with QuickBooks and Peachtree accounting software and also includes an Open Export Module. With the QuickBooks link, you can export customer records, item records, and invoices to QuickBooks. With the Peachtree link you can export sales orders and purchases orders to Peachtree. With the Open Export Module, you can export your order information into an industry standard format.

Document Items Screen
Document Items

Product Lookup Screen
Product Lookup

Configuration Setup Flowchart  Screen
Setup Flowchart


Customize Quote Layouts


Use QuoteWerks’ Visual Report Designer to format your quotes. Print pictures of quoted items.

Create Quotes, Invoices,
and Purchase Orders


Automatically track quote revisions, and convert to orders/invoices.

Share Quotes Between Offices


Do you have sales people on the road, or do you work from home? QuoteWerks can synchronize quotes from multiple locations.

Know your Profit Margin


With QuoteWerks' extensive pricing features you will know your profit margin on everything you sell. Each line item in your quote can be marked up/discounted individually.

Bundle Your Products


Add groups of products to your quote with a single click.

Configure Your Products


QuoteWerks will present you with a list of products to choose from step by step. Each successive step is based on your previous selection.

Get the Best Prices


The price comparison worksheet compares prices between your vendors ensuring that you receive the best price.

Required Parts Support


Never forget to include a part again.

Track Custom Information


Customizable fields and columns accommodate your companies unique product and quoting needs.

Use WinFax® to fax your quotes


Customer fax number is automatically passed to WinFax.

Create Sales Reports


Includes powerful visual reporting tool allowing creation of outstanding quotes reports, forecasted sales reports, commission reports, sales closure reports, product catalogs, and more.

Security Features


Define who can see your quotes, which menus are available to each user, and more.

Document Automation


Supports integrated cover sheets, spec sheets, and literature sheets. Includes integrated spell checking. Copy and paste reports into Word.

International Features


Display prices in your currency and foreign currency. Canadian GST/PST tax and foreign date formats also supported. Foreign prices of products can be entered and automatically converted to local currency pricing.

Supports nine pricing methods


Many ways to price your products and services such as customer price levels, customer/product based matrix, volume, fixed, markup, margin, list, discount, and formula. Volume costing is also supported!

Import quotes


Import XML formatted quotes, orders, and invoices.

See Product Price History


See what you have sold to your customers in the past, and what you charged them.

Find Products Quickly


Search for your products, or organize them in folders.

Join over 67,000 QuoteWerks® users in 101 countries today!

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"I can build a bid in 5 minutes what used to take me 40-60 minutes, so it pays for itself right away! Fantastic product!!"

"Working with QuoteWerks has increased my productivity and my clients are very happy with the turnaround time of quoting!!"

Compatible with:

  • Act! 3 and Newer

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The difference between the Professional Edition and the Standard Edition is the Professional Edition has the feature that will enable you to search and use (in real-time) product information contained in any external ODBC compliant data source such as Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, etc. You no longer have to import your product information into a QuoteWerks native product database before you can use it. Also, the QuickBooks link, Peachtree link, and Open Export Module is included in the Professional Edition.

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Testimonials from everyday users?


"This program has a seldom-found flexibility to adapt according to a specific need. It is more difficult to find a product that is suitable for a manufacturer's representative firm. After extensive searching and trying several products, I have selected QuoteWerks and am most happy with the results." --Jim Hager, President McFadden Sales, Inc.

"Just a short note to tell you how much I really like your product. I have only had it in use for about 3 weeks. The product has paid for itself in that time and then some. I also want to add that your support staff is outstanding. All I need to do is call, and my questions and/or problems are solved. Your product has given me the ability to create quotes quickly and professionally, allowed me the opportunity to generate more sales, and given me back personal time that I used to spend writing up quotes. Thanks again for such a great product." --David Heiby UZ Engineered Products

"Your software is outstanding. You will literally save me days each month over my old semi-automated process. I just sent out three quotes totaling $200,000 in a fraction of the time I used to spend. The lightning quick turn-around time that I can now deliver, thanks to QuoteWerks, will certainly be a competitive advantage for us." --Mark Schmale Accelerated Post

"I just want to express my gratitude to you for not only your excellent product, but also for your outstanding support. With the help that I have received from you combined with the capabilities of your software, our process of generating quotes for customers has gone from 45 minutes per quote down to under 5 minutes. Outstanding! Thank you for all of your help." --Brian Tommasone, Senior Engineer NCS DataCom, Inc.

"You guys have the best support in the industry, keep up the good work!" --Paul Alvarez GTC Systems

"Since I became a customer about a month ago, I have been so impressed by every type of contact I have had with your company. The sales, service and product have been outstanding. I love the idea that I can get real, helpful answers from your website. On top of that, the application helps me spend more time selling and look more professional at the same time. As a small business man, I am basically in the information management business. Quotewerks has become a key tool." --Paul Matthews

"I wanted to let you know that QuoteWerks is hot. This set-up is great, I can go right from Goldmine to QuoteWerks, punch in some part numbers, generate a quote and email it in the time it use to take me just to write an email to someone in Canton giving them all the info needed to generate a quote. Thanks." --Chuck Gleason, Sales Engineer Instron Corporation

"You have a great product and we have already put it to great use. My customers are really surprised in how fast they receive our quotes and how professional they look." --J Hollinshead, VP of Sales/Marketing Raider Technologies, LLC

"[QuoteWerks] has cut down my quoting time in half, and I am always sure that I have never forgotten to include all the necessary parts. It is the best money I have spent in the automation of my small business." --Carlos Featherston, Consultant CF Consulting Ltd.

"May I take this opportunity to congratulate you and the team there on a truly fantastic package. We've only being using it for a week, but continue to be amazed at some of the features." --John Couvaras Datastor Australia Pty Ltd

"The product is working so well. I am sorry that I did not find it two years ago." --Mike Fanelli Sales Strategies, Inc.

"Thanks for producing such a great product. Not a day goes by that I don't appreciate the utility value of QuoteWerks. I am delighted with your product." --George Vander Dussen All Scan Alarms, Selling/Installation of Security Systems

"Great Website! ... Great Video! ... Great Customer Care! ... and Great Response Time! ... Guaranteed success in my mind!" --Dave Noel, President RhinoTrax International, Inc., Manufacturing/Distribution of truck parts

"Thanks for your responsiveness, professionalism, and concern. You guys Rock!" --Dave McLean Rez Logic


Who uses QuoteWerks?


Customers from all industries that have a need to create line item based quotes will benefit from QuoteWerks. The primary market strength of QuoteWerks is attributed to its ability to be a useful tool for any industry that has a need to create price quotes containing itemized products or services.

It is important to point out that the generation of price quotes can generally be divided into two markets: line item quoting software and proposal software. Proposal software typically generates a document with many pages describing the needs of a customer followed by an implementation plan and then a single non-itemized price at the bottom. QuoteWerks is designed for the market of selling itemized products or services.

QuoteWerks is designed for use world wide, and as such, QuoteWerks can create price quotes in both the local base currency and an alternate currency simultaneously, and can also price products based on foreign prices.

QuoteWerks is the global solution that bridges the gap between traditional spreadsheet/word processor approach to creating price quotes, and high-end custom and accounting software based solutions.



We asked our customers what they were using to create quotes before they found QuoteWerks, and here is what some of them had to say:

Access and/or Word
Act! using integration to Microsoft Word Templates
Contact Management Software
Custom app built with Alpha Four (a DOS based database program)
Custom program written with Lotus
Excel & Word
Excel and quoting facility of Solomon accounting software
FileMaker Pro
Hand written
In-house Access database
In-House Custom Clipper application
In-house program using Profile running under Unix
In-house written system
In-House, custom-written, Claris FileMaker Application - originally chosen because of cross-platform compatibility.
I-Quote from Results International
Lotus Notes
MYOB - Accounting software
PC Buyer software
PC Order/TechBuyer
Peachtree accounting software
Quik Quote
Quote Desk
SBT Accounting software
ThumbsUp Software
VAR Office (discontinued Access-based app)
Word Processor


We asked our customers what industries they are in, and here is what some of them had to say:

Agricultural Construction
Agricultural Irrigation
Analytical Instrumentation
Assistive Technology
Audio design & services
Audio Visual
A-V design and installation
Bio Medical Instrumentation
CD ROM Manufacturing and Duplication
Commercial Aviation Maintenance
Commercial Carpet Maintenance and Installation
Communications and Data Networking
Computer Consulting
Computer hardware
Computer Integration and Consulting Services
Computer Networking, Hardware, Software
Computer Software
Computer Storage Integrator
Computer VAR
Computers and Communications
Computers and Networking
Computers, IT Services and Office Equipment
Computers, Systems Integrators
Computers-POS/Inventory Control Systems
Contract Sales
Controls Systems Integration
CRM Solutions
Custom Electronics
Data Center Infrastructure Solutions
Display & Exhibition
Distribution - packaging equipment/materials
Distribution and Service
Distribution of Factory Automation Equipment
Distributor & importer of promotional products
E-commerce Systems Integration
Electrical Distribution
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Maintenance
Electrical Power Distribution Apparatus
Electronic test equipment
Environmental Instrumentation
Filtration Distrubutor
Fire Fighting Equipment
Fluid Power
Heavy Truck Dealership
High pressure washers sales & service
Industrial Automation
Industrial Distribution / International Sales
Industrial Furnaces
Industrial Hygiene Instrumentation
IT/Data Communication
Landscape construction and maintenance
Legal/public education.
Letter shop Direct Mail & Mailing Svc.
Life Safety and Communications
Machine Tool Sales
Machinery distribution
Machining, Tool & Die
Manufacturer of Medical Devices
Manufacturers Representative and distributor
Manufactures Representatives- Environmental
Manufacturing - Inspection Equipment
Manufacturing (Electronics)
Manufacturing / Wholesale
Manufacturing Automated Welding Equipment
Marketing Media (Internet)
Material Handling
Mechanical Eng. Computer-Aided Design Systems
Medical Equipment Distribution & Service
Medical Sales
Network and Internet Services
Network Integration
Network servers and services (Novell)
Networking, accounting, EDI, manufacturing
Nutritional supplements
Office Equipment & Point of Sale
Office furniture
Precision Engineering
Rehabilitation Software
Research Instrument Manufacturing
Retail and Corporate Office Sales
Sales of Printing Presses and Bindery Equipment
Scientific Instruments
Security and Industrial Engin. Systems
Security Systems
Services, Apparel Distributor, Sales Agency
Ski Industry / Travel and Tourism
Software - ASP
Software & Consultancy
Software Consultant
Software Development for Transportation Industry
Software Development/Products
Software for Insurance
Software Reseller
Software sales support and training
System Integration and Consulting
Technical Construction
Telephone systems, voice and data network cabling
Trade Show Displays & Graphics Distributor
Tradeshow industry
Trading business on automation product
Videoconferencing & A/V Integrator (Telecom)
Wholesale Distribution
Wholesale parts
Wholesale Trade
Wireless CCTV
Wood, upholstery, Cabinets and installations


Thousands of companies from all different types of industries use QuoteWerks. Whether your company is small 1-person company or a large Fortune 100 company, you can benefit from the increase in productivity QuoteWerks provides. Below is a list of our notable customers.

American Red Cross
Australian Business Telephone Company
Beckman Coulter
Belkin Components
Canon Medical Systems
Fluke Biomedical
Fujitsu New Zealand
GE Clinical Services
Kaplan Companies
Lindsay Manufacturing
Northrop Grumman PRB Systems
Panasonic Communication & Systems
Philips Digital Networks
Scantron Service Group
Sharp Office Systems
Siemens Ltd.
Skyline Displays
Toshiba Europe GHMB


We asked our customers what they use QuoteWerks to sell, and here is what some of them had to say:

Act! 2000 CRM software with consulting
Advanced Systems for Materials Testing
Aircraft inspections (maintenance man hours), aircraft avionics installations and modifications, parts, overhaul items, etc.
Analytical instrument
Apparel, related services
Architectural door, frames and hardware to the commercial, industrial markets
Architectural products
ATM/POS Supplies
Automation Equipment
Bars, architectural millwork
Beverage distribution software and computer and handheld hardware
Billing electronic mailings, sales of specialty products
Broadcast microwave equipment
Broadcast systems that compose digital signals carrying TV, radio and data services and digital set-top boxes.
Building materials
Cardiac Monitoring Devices
CDROM services, replication, duplication, supplies, and packaging
Center pivots agricultural watering systems
Ceramic tile and natural stone with all accessories related to products
Classroom manipulatives and curriculum
Combustion equipment and systems
Commercial infant care products, ie: diaper changing stations, etc.
Communications and data networking products and services in a reseller environment
Communications equipment
Computer based Boardroom, training room facilities. Control centre video walls, projection equipment etc
Computer business systems for the transportation industry, system support, computer hardware
Computer Disk Arrays, Backup and Disaster Recovery Software, Fibre Channel Switches, All services including Internet/Intranet Security and intrusion detection
Computer equipment, consulting services and software modifications
Computer hardware & software
Computer hardware and software, web hosting, Internet Access, network cabling
Computer Hardware, Network, Software, Peripherals
Computer Hardware, software and professional services
Computer interfaces and cd duplicators
Computer parts, networking equipment
Computer platforms
Computer product and services
Computer Servers & Accessories
Computer Software
Computer software (CORBA ORBs for real-time and embedded systems)
Computer software, training, custom development, and hardware
Computer Systems via ingram micro/tech data integration
Computer systems, networking projects
Computer, network hardware, software
Computer/Network Test Equipment
Computer-aided drafting and design products and related services
Computers, programmable logic controllers
Computers, software, cabling, Web Host....etc.
Consulting time, services, hardware
Control Systems
Copiers fax and cash registers
Data communications equipment and services
Digital CCTV transmission over wireless and over LAN / WAN
Display systems, and digital imaging
Electrical distribution apparatus and generator set related accessories
Electrical Engineering Products
Electrical supplies
Electrical Test & Measurement Equipment and Associated Services
Electronic components and systems
Electronic Instruments - Sensors, Accessories and related services
Embroidered emblems or patches
Engineering design software, training, and support services
Exhibits, graphics, rental of exhibits, Installation & Dismantle of exhibits
Fans (axial, centrifugal, double inlet etc etc)
Fire Fighting Equipment
Forklift Attachments
Forklifts and Warehouse Equipment
Furnace, spare parts and service
Furniture Restoration, Facility repairs, upholstery
GoldMine and related services
GoldMine software, related products and services
GoldMine, ECommerce, Great Plains Accounting, etc.
Hardware, services, maintenance
Hardware, software anything that Ingram Micro or Tech Data sell we sell using the updated database
Headsets, comms systems or intercom systems
Heavy trucks, truck bodies and custom fabrication to these vehicles
High End audio cable and interconnects
High pressure washers and automatic parts washers
Horse barn equipment
HVAC/R parts and pieces. (Heating,Ventilation,Air Conditioning and Refrigeration)
Individual components, packages, service jobs
Industrial and Medical Test Devices and instrumentation
Industrial Automation software, hardware and components - Data Acquisition software for the plant floor, Industrially hardened computers, Safety Equipment, Vision Systems, Bar Code systems
Industrial tools and machinery
Installation and maintenance services
Internet Service and Telecom Equipment
Irrigation equip. Insurance products
Irrigation Equipment (center pivots)
IT solutions
Laboratory oil analysis to companies who own and have to maintain their high voltage transformers
Laboratory Software & Implementation Service
Landscape services
Licenses, support agreements, bundled products
Lift tickets, Lodging, Mountain Biking, and Golf
Lighting Products
Machine Tools, Cutting Tools, Work holding
Maintenance, Repair and Operating Supplies - (MRO Supplies)
Marine & Industrial Equipment
Material Handling equipment
Medical Equipment (pathology)
Medical Equipment Service
Medical equipment, supplies and pharmaceuticals
Medical test and measurement instruments - Software for preventative maintenance, Blood Pressure Cuffs and accessories, Patient Monitoring Systems
Medical/Research Equipment
Meter sockets, transformers, steel poles, street lighting, transformer cabinets, etc
Modular Inplant Offices and Buildings
Monitoring equipment
Network related hardware, software and services
Networking & Communication equipment
Nutritional supplements
Office equipment (copier, fax, etc.), audiovisual, IT Services, IT equipment
Office furniture
Omni+ Software, software designed for wholesale insurance market
Our software and training service and computer boxes
Packaging equipment and materials
Pharmaceutical R & D/QC Testing Equipment
Phone equipment
Phone systems
Phone systems and network cabling
Phone systems, audio systems, video
Plastics Pellets
Plumbing and heating products
Point of sale software, Pos/computer equipment, and services
POS/Inventory control systems to soft goods retailers
Premise Wiring Systems, Phones, Data Equipment
Primarily Fertilizer & Pesticides
Printer hardware, memory, cartridges, consumables
Process Control Photometry
Process Instruments & sensors
Products to hold power cables underground
Programmable motion control (ie robotic) equipment
Projectors and other presentation products
Promotional products
Rear-projection solutions
Recruiting software, consulting and implementation services
Remote administration / Monitoring services, Enterprise professional (development) services, Resell Enterprise Computer hardware and software Licenses
Research Instruments (Probe Microscopes) to University and Government labs
Rotary Airlock Feeders
Rugged Laptop Computers and their support services
Rupture disks (world leader in overpressure protection prods. required by nat.& local codes)
Sales of Printing Presses and Bindery Equipment
Satellite communications hardware (military and commercial)
Security systems
Security, CCTV, Fire Alarm, Telephone, Nurse Call, Intercom, Overhead Paging, and various other Life Safety/Communications Equipment
SEM/TEM electron microscopes, Atomic Force Microscopes, XPS, Surface Science Equipment
Service - Block Time, NOS Agreements, Big Brother, Hardware and Software
Shipping and travel cases
Sound level meters, dosimeters, dust monitors, heat stress monitors and much, much more
Specialized machines
Specialty heat exchangers
Spectral Imaging equipment, software and reagents
Street furniture and also software (goldmine, sage etc.)
SW licenses, consultancy & training
Switchgear, switchboards, panel boards, electrical distribution apparatus
Telecommunications and Security
Test equipment
Trade Show Exhibits, Graphics, Install & Dismantle Service, Rentals
Universal joints, found in most machinery
UPSs & UPS related equipment and services
Videoconferencing equipment and peripherals plus do custom design and installation of Audio Visual rooms
Water quality monitoring instrumentation
Weather and Water Resource Monitoring Instruments and Equipment
Web design services, hosting, interactive cd-roms, print design, graphics, animation, multimedia presentations
Website Services
Weighing and measuring equipment, calibration and repair services
Welding systems and services for support of the welding systems
Some are custom made most are standard products sales
Zimmatic (irrigation) pivots


We asked our customers if they use QuoteWerks to sell Products, Services, or Both, and here is what some of them had to say:


We asked our customers if QuoteWerks is used by their Inside Sales Force, Outside Sales Force or Both, and here is what some of them had to say:

QuoteWerks has document transport features that enable users to exchange quotes between multiple locations such as notebooks, and other office locations. Furthermore if you use GoldMine as your contact manager, synchronization of these files can be automated.


We asked our customers what they find so useful about QuoteWerks, and here is what some of them had to say:

Ability to build quotations with various equipment accessories and services

Ability to download corporate pricing & have the purchase order ready for entry into corporate ordering system.

Ability to have all of the components of the quote in one place.

Ability to list products and options in a way that customers and prospects can understand.

Ability to quickly create a quote and either fax, email or print the quote. Also integration with GoldMine is a key feature.

Ability to readily assess the profit margin, ability to present to the customer a discount or a markup -- whichever is most appropriate, the ability to email a quote, and the ability to respond rapidly -- email almost while you are on the phone with them.

Ability to tracking quoting activity.

Access to contact data, product data, and attached documents.

Act 2000 link features

ACT interface reduces having to type in data, The price list allows us to immediately download product features, The DDE link allows us to grab info from other Lytron software, We have written an interface program which allows us to stream QuoteWerks orders directly into our MRP system.

Act! interface and ability to track quoting activities. Also the performance of our inside and outside sales people can be more easily measured.

Act!2000 integration, Multiple pricing levels

All the features in combination with GoldMine

As a description database and formatting tool, Use Multiple currency features, and PDF creation

Auto generation of standardized quotes, and price tracking.

Automatic contact info from Act!, Price list database, Ability E-mail PDF quotes

Automatic follow up scheduling for sales force in contact manager.

Bundles and configurator

Bundles, DTF exporting for use of software at the factory and salesmen in the field, Reporting

Bundles, ease of use, consistent output format to our customers

Bundles, email features (PDF), the fact that you can import into Peachtree, and its easy.

Bundles. I am able to configure products the way I want to in great detail.

Capability to add our own products to a database

Centralized price lists which allow for products from multiple vendors to be utilized in a proposal, Comparison of pricing for the same products from multiple vendors, Uniform quotes templates.

Changes in price lists are made on a spreadsheet and then I use the automatic import features. I keep three spreadsheets on the different lines of products I sell and changes and additions are easy to make.

Configurator & bundles, interface with Outlook.

Configurator, product db's easily upgraded, templates and covers easily customized, built in PDF generator

Configurator, Quote to E-mail / Fax

Configurator, reports

Configurators, bundles and compare cost

Consistent pricing, currency conversion

Contact manager integration, less manual typing, price modifier

Contact manager integration, product lookups, order conversion

Creating nice, custom layout of information

Creating PO's from the quote. Linking to Maximizer. Linking to Tech Data and Ingram Micro

Custom quote templates for each major category of product we sell.

Custom Text Fields, Customer based Profile pricing

Customizable quotes and invoices, e-mail quotes, reporting capabilities, linking to GoldMine.

Default mark-up; ability to add our own part numbers; supplier database.

Direct Email capability, Auto line creation, nice looking quote layout.

Direct link to our suppliers

Distributor databases

Downloading quotes into QuickBooks, eliminating retyping quotes. Ability to import a parts list of 20,000 + parts in moments on a monthly basis!

Ease and efficiently of creating quotes, especially quotes similar to other previously done quotes. Easily tracks profit.

Ease and speed.

Ease of importing/maintaining quotes and pricing.

Ease of updating products, East of importing database files.

Ease of use

Efficiency of price manipulation

Efficient and fast quoting, linking with ACT 2000

Efficient- available to everyone in the sales and AM group. The database makes all products available to everyone so we don't have to look up part numbers every time. We have a pricing strategy that is consistent and gives us confidence that our pricing is competitive and profitable. One administrator handles all the updates. We have linked to Tech Data and Ingram Micro databases so our purchaser can get the best and current pricing. The database puts the information on the quote and you can instantly see what the profit is and can give quantity discounts or match a competitors price and still make money. The reports help us track gross profits and number of quotes and sales we have each month as well as the dollars of sales and $ of profits. Reports help us track opportunities and purchase smarter. I love the fact that every invoice is accessible to be reprinted anytime. I can track which brand has the most sales and which rep has the most productivity.

Efficient e-mailing of quotes, conversion of quotes to sales orders

Email or faxrush sent, techdata database link, simplicity

E-mail quotes; easy access to the Access database to fine tune to fit our needs

Email using PDF format. The product database comparison

Emailing quotes or orders directly from QuoteWerks, integration with GoldMine, product folders to keep products organized.

Everything - I love this product

Export to QuickBooks, Link to Goldmine

Faxing & e-mail from the computer. Importing manufacturer's price lists to generate quotes. The look-up features, networking, converting to PO's, customizing features to allow assigning customer line numbers, follow-up, merging with Act!, documenting lost sales for future pricing, inserting different ship-to from customer, changing screens to fax / e-mail quotes to other offices, generate request for quotes...etc.

Forced us to develop standards for implementation pricing and simplify quoting. Integrates with e-mail in GoldMine and faxing with FaxRush.

Format, profit margin calculations.

Goldmine interface, ability to store product info and pricing

Good Looking quotes, quickly and in an organized fashion.

Grouped Bundles, Volume pricing, Document attachments (eg.term & conditions of sale), email, Goldmine integration.

Having the ability to link to GM and having a 'formal' quote issued, rather than an email sent to a potential customer.

I like the product inventory. It is easily applied to an invoice. I can then give a discount if the customer is buying a large enough 'qualifying' order. The Quotes and Invoices look great. It works well with our Goldmine system.

Importing supplier's price lists and comparing them when quoting, Using pre-defined templates, one click insertion for items including description, item codes, cost price, list price etc., e-mail facilities

Integrate with ACT, database of products, reporting, copy old quote, all forms look same for all salespersons.

Integrated email, PDF file layouts

Integration with Act! and most of other features.

Integration with GoldMine

Integration with Goldmine, Ease of use, Flexibility.

Integration with GoldMine, FaxRush and QuickBooks sure makes life easy!

Integration with Goldmine, the configurator is a big bonus, it prevents vital pieces from being forgotten

Integration with Maximizer. E-mail interface.

Integration with the Ingram Micro database. A HUGE timesaver for us!!!

Interface to Goldmine and fast effective method of producing quotes

Interface w/ Act!2000

Interface with ACT; ability to analyze profit per quote and line item; having common database of products saves quote preparation time.

Intuitive interface, Goldmine interaction.

It's flexibility and user definable aspects.

Less mistakes on quote/orders, consistent price list, shared software, integration with ACT.

Link to ACT

Link to Goldmine to track open quotes. Neat format easier to read and reduces errors.

Link to QuickBooks, Ingram Micro, TechData. And the configuration wizards are great. The custom docs that I can add to each quote when I email them has been a big timesaver.

Link with Techdata and Ingram.

Linked spec sheets, markups and ease of use.

Linking between quotes, PO and sales order and invoice

Links to goldmine, outlook, etc. Easily customized. Importing of Databases.

Links to major distributors, Integration with Goldmine, Works on Terminal Server

Links to Tech Data and Ingram Micro databases.

Links to Tech Data, Ingram Micro, QuickBooks.

Links to Tech Data, Ingram, Goldmine and Peachtree.

Margin analysis, standard templates, backend manufacturer documentation support.

Margin visibility, Ease of creating professional quotes in minutes.

Multi currency; ease of use; difficult to make a mess, unless you try.

Multiple databases, multiple report formats, ease of quote creation.

Multiple databases, Email capability, custom layouts, pricing options, changing line items to comments (for system pricing), quick creation, etc.

Order Tracking, and as a accounts receivable reconciling tool.

Part number/description/pricing, discounts/multipliers on multiple fields, emailing PDF quotes to customers

Part numbers and continuity of appearance.

PDF export is top feature

PDF generator to e-mail quotes and order acknowledgements.

Point and click from product databases, address and contact information

Preparing professional and easy to read quotes and most important tracking the quotes

Price List Management, Customized Quote Templates, email Quote, Reporting, etc.

pricing and description database, ability to manipulate markups/discounts

pricing help us be more consistent and I control the discounts automatically.

Product book, pricing structures, link with goldmine with forecasting

Product catalog, easy to customize reports

Product Catalogs, Configurator, The DATABASE for retrieval old quotes (is easy)

Product database

Product database and link to contacts

Product database, exchange rate maintenance, link to GoldMine, profitability calculations

Product list w/ tree view. Volume pricing discount. Extra fields for tracking product & user info.

Product list, automatic markup calculations, profit calculation per line and per quote, auto population of customer data.

Product list, forecasting, find, config., email quote.

Product lists with customer specific pricing levels pulled from Goldmine. Profitability checks to make sure kits are priced appropriately. Consistency is key.

Product lookup is used most often, along with the ability to customize reports

Product price importing.

Product price lists and pricing features.

Products bar to add items, customized quote reports, emailing quotes as PDF.

professionalism, consistency, profit margin

Profit margin!

Purchasing from the quotes when they become jobs. Using the custom fields to calculate labor, engineering, and programming time automatically.

Quickly create and transmit quotes. Being able to link quotes to GoldMine records is a big help

Quote configurator, support for several product lines, customization of 'reports', ability to quote while on the road, professional appearance, etc.

Quote tracking, integration with GoldMine

Quotes can be called up in goldmine.

Reporting -- being able to examine quotes lost and the reasons why.

Reporting based on details of goldmine contact records, customized categories, etc.

Send quotes by e-mail

Sharing the info in the office.

Simple and easy to store and make changes to them.

Speed - instant PDF creation (nice and easy)

Speed in creating a quick quote

Speed of quote creation and delivery

Speed of quotes and turning them into orders, Full database in one place

Speed of using the product database, and ability to call up quotes very quickly by customer or quote #.

Speed. ability to change exch rates. ability to cut & paste into ACCESS

Standard quote info, we have entered all products in the products area and use them to create quotes

Submitting quotes by email and creating reports

Subtotal areas and visual product directories

Sync with Act!, ability to input our entire product assortment (1000s of products) into one database that can be easily accessed and searched, customizable quotation templates.

Tech data links. e-mail, fax

Tech Data/Ingram Micro database support, one single system for quotes

Templates and the ability to insert them into groups to build single line items composed of various parts

Text formatting and editing capabilities.

The ability to bundle products

The ability to easily create quotes makes us more efficient.

The ability to put our products and services into a well organized database to choose from. The ability to modify the descriptions and costs on the fly helps for modifications for special circumstances with our prospective clients. The quote report writer is excellent and it allows us to put out a neat detailed well organized quote linking into goldmine and having the ability to save to an RTF/PDF makes e-mailing a quote a breeze and for saving the quote for later reference outside of Goldmine or QuoteWerks.

The ability to quickly apply different discount structures, or apply discount structures based in information pulled from Goldmine.

The ability to setup a template of a quote and email quotes and greatly improved our efficiency in getting the quoting process done.

The database integration to Ingram Micro & Tech Data is a huge time saver.

The database of products with prices makes for a more consistent and faster quoting procedure. The product bundles are great too.

The ease of using the products tab to put together a quote.

The interface with Goldmine. Product data base and ease of use for customer service.

The link between Act! and QW. In one process you create the quote, the follow-up reminder and the sales opportunity.

The possibility to import different price list and have them all available in one program. Custom quote template, fax and email option.

The reports feature and I like to be able to change the forms to fit my needs.

The total margin and line-item margin calculators are fantastic. Customized Quotes look professional and are easy to change.

Tracks the quotes for us and keeps the prices consistent.

Transfer to QuickBooks

Uniform control on pricing policy, monitor exchange rate changes-we import products, notes on follow quotes and customer database.

Use of local and foreign currencies, total use of the reports

We are able to import our product database into QuoteWerks. This eliminates double work when entering product numbers and cost information. It is easy to create a quote and fax it directly from the PC.

We implemented automation to import and maintain Ingram database in Product database. So, this product database feature, is very useful for us. Also, we can build reports easily.

We like the looks of the finished quote form and we can now e-mail our quotes. Our Act! templates didn't extend prices or add totals for us!

We sell at several different price levels and QuoteWerks accommodates us.

We use the Ingram Micro/Tech Data product links.

We use the linking ability it has to Goldmine forecasts. Also the ability to track your margin in real time is awesome.

We use the quote as a sales tool. Each item quoted has 'Hot' Features and benefits. Competitors non-descriptive quotes are at a disadvantage to ours.

Working from product database, Creation of RTF or PDF files, Creation of purchase orders, Integration with Outlook



Tips for selecting quoting software


With a variety of quoting software packages found throughout the web, we understand that it can be difficult to analyze the differences between these quoting software packages in order to make the correct purchase based on your needs. We have provided this list of tips to help you find the right quoting software for you. This list of tips will give you a good basis for comparison of quoting software solutions.



Look for a money-back guarantee offer (especially for network versions)

Make sure that the software has a money back guarantee, especially on their multi-user network versions. A money-back guarantee is a software manufacture's way of saying that they stand behind their product and are confident that you will be pleased with it. Believe it or not, but some software manufacturers do not offer a money-back guarantee on their multi-user network versions. QuoteWerks offers a 30-day money back guarantee on our single-user and multi-user software.


Ask for a demo version of the software

Make sure that you can obtain a demo version of the software so that you can verify for yourself that the product functions as advertised before you have to part with your money. This avoids the time consuming hassles of obtaining, and then returning products, just to get a look at them. Most people evaluate demo software when they can find some time in their schedule to look at the software, so it is also important that the demo version does not expire, or at least gives you a couple of weeks to evaluate it before it expires. QuoteWerks offers a completely functional, non-expiring demo version that only limits the number of quotes and the size of the quotes that can be saved.


Closely examine advertised features

Features contained in software can be implemented in many different ways. If you are looking at two different quoting software packages and they both say that they have a XYZ feature, you should use their respective demos to see exactly how those features will work. Although the same feature is advertised in both software packages, the feature may require additional steps to use, or may not work the way you assumed it does in one or both of the packages. Sometimes the biggest difference between software packages is not the advertised features, but the way in which the advertised features actually work.


Find out if the software requires other software to function

Some quoting applications are written in Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel that require you have licensed copies of Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel installed before you can use the application. This can significantly increase the cost of the software, and it increases the amount of setup and maintenance time required. It is very rare for commercial grade software to be written in Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel. QuoteWerks does not require any other software to function.


Not all companies and/or software is made equal

Software has revolutionized the way we do business in the world today. It has made it possible for business to become highly efficient. Part of the success of the software industry is due to the fact that it does not require a large overhead to write software and then sell it. In fact, it is relatively easy to do. However, as it became easier to write software, more less qualified software companies have appeared that write lower quality software products. It does not cost much for a one-person operation to write quoting software and then make it available for sale on their website. On the surface, all software products listed for sale on a website often appear to be equal.

When you look a little deeper, you will clearly see the differences. Is the application stable and well written, or does it crash constantly? The best way to find this out is to request a demo version of the software. It is easy to write software, however it takes knowledge and experience to write software that works well and that is stable.

Product technical support is also very important. Find out what type of support (voice support, email support, newsgroup support) is included and how much support (in terms of minutes, days, months, years) included in the purchase of the software. If voice and email support is included, how quickly will you receive a response. Don't assume anything here. Often, it can be days before you receive a response. One way to gauge the response time is to call or email with pre-sales technical questions to see how responsive the company is. Rest assured that if the company responds quickly to your requests before you have even purchased, you will most likely continue to receive that level of support once you have purchased. Is the support staff knowledgeable? Receiving a response quickly is not very useful if it is not accurate or complete.

Does the company provide a retail box, printed manual and CD-ROM for the software when you purchase the product? If not, the company is typically trying to make more money on the sale at the price of providing you with less, and often, you will be charged the same price as a competing product that does actually include these items.

Does the company have a network of businesses that can help you install the software and integrate it into your existing systems? More established companies usually have a "Reseller channel" of local companies that have experience with selling and installing the software.

What is the focus of the company? Is the development of their product the primary revenue source of their business or is the software product just something else they do on the side. If the software product that you are purchasing from them is not the source of their primary revenue, you can be sure that they will not be focusing all of their resources of the product. Not focusing all of their resources on their software product will by definition slow the development of new features and the responsiveness to product improvement requests.

Companies have different update policies. Some companies release updates every couple of months, and some companies make no changes to their software for two years at a time. If you purchase from a company that releases updates every couple of months you will benefit from the new features constantly instead of having to wait for years.

QuoteWerks is known to be very stable. Our customers tell us that we are very responsive to pre-sales and post-sales technical support inquires. We believe in providing our prospects and customers with an exceptional level of service, and therefore all of our knowledgeable staff can handle both sales and technical support inquires so you do not get the run around. QuoteWerks is shipped in retail boxes complete with a cd-rom and printed user manual. We have a network of QuoteWerks solution partners world wide to assist customers with the installation and integration of QuoteWerks. QuoteWerks is our flagship and only product so it receives our complete attention to detail and commands all of our resources. We are very proactive in releasing updates to our software. We release updates every couple of months that contain many significant new features which are usually found only in full version releases every two years by other software manufacturers.


Beware of exorbitantly priced software

Beware of high priced software that costs significantly more than competing software. It is logical to assume that the price of competing software with comparable feature sets should be similar. Most commercial desktop software retails for around $199 per license. If you find desktop software for sale that costs much more like $400 or $800 per license, it usually means that the company bases it's business practices as more of a consulting company as opposed to a commercial software company, and they want/need the higher price because they are not selling as many units as a commercial software company is. Consulting companies by definition usually bill out all their employees by the hour (often $100 per hour or higher) and are used to charging high prices for their skilled labor. That is a good arrangement for them, but not for their software customers. Software that stores it's data in SQL server databases will generally be priced higher than $199 per license because the added complexity of SQL server costs the software manufacturer more to educate their technical support staff, and maintain the integration. QuoteWerks is cost effectively priced starting at USD $189 for a single-user.


Make sure that the contact management integration meets your needs

Closely examine the advertised contact management integration features to make sure that they meet your needs. Just because different quoting software packages all claim contact management integration with Act!, GoldMine, Maximizer, Outlook, salesforce.com, SalesLogix, TeleMagic, etc. does not mean that all the quoting software packages have the same level of integration with these contact managers. For some quoting software packages, the extent of their integration may only be to retrieve the contact name and address information from a contact record in the contact management software. While other quoting software will do more like writing back forecasted sales/sales opportunities, schedule follow up calls, etc in your contact management software. QuoteWerks offers extensive integration with most of the leading contact management software packages.


Make sure that the software supports the pricing method that your company uses

Make sure that the quoting software supports the method of pricing that you use to price your products to your customers. Companies sell their products based on many different pricing methods. Some companies discount from list, others markup from cost, sell based on volume, customer price levels, etc. QuoteWerks offers a very complete and comprehensive range of pricing method support.


Make sure that you can customize the printed output (your quotes/orders)

Make sure that the quoting software allows you to customize the look and feel of the printed quote. The presentation of your printed quote to your customers represents your company so it is very important that it looks professional, and includes exactly the information that you want to include on it. Some quoting software has pre-defined quote templates that you cannot customize at all. Others allow you the limited ability to modify some of the aspects of the printed quote like changing your company logo. Some quoting software charges extra for a module that lets you customize the printed look of the quote. Some quoting software requires external software in order to modify these quote templates. Some quoting software allows you complete and comprehensive control over the look of the printed quote including the ability to create formulas that calculating things like monthly leasing figures, and more. QuoteWerks has pre-defined layout templates and a built-in visual layout designer (no extra charge) that allows you to modify them extensively, and to create new layouts. The layout designer supports the ability to create custom formulas.


Make sure that you can create and customize sales and other management reports

Make sure that the quoting software allows you to run reports that show you information like a list of all the outstanding quotes, or all the outstanding quotes per sales rep, commission reports, etc. Since you will be using the quoting software to store all your product information, and all of your quoting and ordering information, you need to be able to retrieve useful reports using all this information. Some quoting software does not include any ability to create or run management reports. Some quoting software has pre-defined quote templates that you cannot customize at all. Others allow you the limited ability to modify some of the aspects of the printed quote like changing your company logo. Some quoting software charges extra for a reporting module that lets you run these reports. Some quoting software allows you complete and comprehensive control so that you can create reports to filter on whatever information you would like, and you can also customize the look of the report including the ability to create formulas that calculating things like monthly leasing figures, and more. QuoteWerks has pre-defined report templates and a built-in visual layout designer (no extra charge) that allows you to modify them extensively, and to create new reports. The QuoteWerks report filter builder allows you to create reports that contain only the data that you want in the report. The layout designer supports the ability to create custom formulas.


Find out how the software e-mails quotes

Many quoting software packages advertise that they can email quotes, however they all implement this feature in different ways. Some send the quote in the body of the email as simple text so the formatting is not preserved resulting in the information floating around instead of aligning with columns, rows, etc all of which looks very unprofessional and unimpressive when received by your customer. Some quoting software e-mails quotes as a Rich Text Format (RTF) attachment. The RTF format preserves all the formatting of the quote, and when received can be viewed and printed by any word processor application. Some quoting software e-mails quotes as an Adobe Acrobat PDF (PDF) attachment. The PDF format preserves all the formatting of the quote, and when received can be viewed and printed by the free Adobe Acrobat reader that can be downloaded from Adobe's website ( www.adobe.com ). For the method of sending the e-mail, some quoting software automates an external e-mail system. The downside to this method is that if the e-mail software that you currently use, cannot be automated, then you will not be able to use the quoting software's e-mail feature. Also, generally speaking, it takes around 30 seconds just to begin sending an email when automating an external email system because you are in effect loading the external e-mail software which takes time. The upside to this method is that the e-mail will be sent using your existing email software, so there will only be one software packages sending your e-mails instead of two different software packages. Some quoting software has their own built-in e-mail client. The downside to this method is that if you use specialized e-mail software that does not support the SMTP mail protocol (most mail systems support SMTP), then you cannot use the quoting software's built-in e-mail client. The upside is that a built-in quoting software e-mail client using the SMTP mail protocol is much faster and more reliable than automating an external e-mail system. QuoteWerks has a built-in e-mail client that uses the SMTP mail protocol, and can also send e-mails using Microsoft Outlook, and e-mails quotes as either an RTF or PDF formatted attachment.


Find out if the quoting software integrates with any accounting software

Using the quoting/ordering software you will be creating orders that you will eventually want to send over to your accounting software. Of course, you can print out these orders, and then have the accounting department re-type the orders into the accounting software, but if your quoting/ordering software integrates with your accounting software, you can eliminate this unnecessary re-typing of information into the accounting software. Some quoting software does not offer any accounting software integration, others offer integration with a variety of accounting software packages. Also, some quoting software packages offer a generic order export feature sometimes called an "Export SDK" or "Open Export" that allows you to export orders in a generic delimited text file format that some accounting software packages are capable of importing. QuoteWerks offers optional links to QuickBooks and Peachtree accounting software. It also offers an Open Export module.


Find out if the quoting software has security features

If more than one person will be using the quoting software, you may want some security features that limit what tasks certain users can perform. You may also want to limit who can view, modify, or delete each users' quotes. If security features are important to you, make sure to find out if the quoting software has any security features, and find out exactly how those security features work. Some quoting software packages have no security features at all, some have limited security features, and some have a comprehensive suite of security features. QuoteWerks has a comprehensive suite of security features allowing administrators to control which menu options are available to each user, which users can view/modify/delete each users' quotes, and a variety of misc. security rights.


Find out if the quoting software can use external sources for product data

You will be using the quoting software to quote products and services. While most quoting software packages will let you just enter product/service information "on-the-fly" in the quote in addition to selecting items from a product database, some quoting software packages require that all products that you quote must be in a product database. Most quoting software package require that you import your lists of products and services into the quoting software's product database. That is an acceptable requirement, but if you can find a quoting software package that lets you like to an existing database source instead of having to import it that can be useful. Some quoting software has specific links to vendors product databases that the vendors publish to the public. QuoteWerks has links to PC Industry Distributor databases such as Ingram Micro, Merisel, and Tech Data. This link is useful in that you do not have to import data that is already in their databases, you can just use it.


Find out if the quoting software data can be synchronized

If you have multiple office locations or if you or your sales staff or co-workers have laptops and would like to creating quotes on laptops while out in the field, you will need a quoting software package that supports the ability to synchronize or import/export these quotes. Some quoting software packages have no ability to synchronize / import / export their quotes. Some quoting software packages can synchronize quotes in either an automated or manual process. QuoteWerks allows remote users to export their quotes and e-mail them to the main office (using the built-in e-mail features) where they can be imported. Using QuoteWerks in conjunction with GoldMine's synchronization features, quotes are automatically synchronized back to the main office.


Find out if the quoting software supports international currencies

Many quoting software packages are written in the United States of America. As such, they are not always designed with the international community in mind. Some quoting software packages cannot be used in countries where the decimal separator is a comma. Some quoting software packages can automatically retrieve the currency and decimal separator information from the Microsoft Windows regional control panel. Other quoting software takes international support a step further by allowing you to quote in your base currency and an alternate currency at the same time. This is very useful for when you create sales quotes for customers in other countries and you want to present the quote to the international customer in their own currency. Canadians have different sales tax requirements than Americans called GST and PST. Some quoting software supports the Canadian sales tax requirements, and others do not. QuoteWerks allows you to quote in both your base currency and an alternate currency at the same time. Canadian sales tax is supported.


Find out if the quoting software has a configurator

A configurator is software that assists you in the creation of a quote. Once setup, it will guide the user through a step-by-step process of selecting items to include on the quote. Based on the items selected, the configurator may then offer new choices based on the last choice made. For example, if you select a 15" tire rim, the next step in the configurator would only show you 15" tires that would fit on the 15" rim that you selected. Configurators are extremely useful for making sure that all the correct items are included in a quote, and they make your sales force highly efficient. Some quoting software packages contain configurators and some do not. QuoteWerks has a built-in configurator as described above.


Find out how flexible the line items in the quote can be

At a basic level, all quoting software packages will be able to add product and service line items to the quote. The more comprehensive quoting software packages will also support the ability to add subtotal, running subtotal, % discount, % charge, and comment type of line items to the quote. If you are used to using these types of line items in your quoting, it will be difficult to do without them. QuoteWerks has a comprehensive list of line item types as described above.


Find out what database format the quoting software stores it's data in

All quoting software will need to save it's quote and product information into some sort of database. Some quoting software packages store their data in industry standard database formats like Microsoft Access, Dbase, FoxPro, etc. The advantage to storing data in industry standard database formats is that it allows you to externally access the data that is in these databases. This is useful for creating applications that can enhance the quoting software's functionality by reading and writing to the quoting software's database directly. This is also useful if you need to create reports using external reporting software like Seagate Software's Crystal Reports. Additionally, since you can view and modify the data from external applications, it makes it possible for you to export or extract your data in the event that you no longer need the quoting software and want to get your data out, or maybe you want to copy the data that is in the quoting software into some other software package. Other quoting software store their data in proprietary formats that no-one else can read or modify. You lose data flexibility and data longevity when you select a product that stores their data this way because your data is held hostage inside of their proprietary format that you cannot get to or export when you no longer need the quoting software. As a patch, some quoting software packages that store their data in a proprietary format offer a utility that collects all the information in this proprietary format and then saves it to an industry standard database format that you can then view or export. This is a less than perfect patch because it means that your data in this database will never be real-time. You will always have to run the utility to have it update the industry standard database with the proprietary database information (your quotes). QuoteWerks data is stored in industry standard Microsoft Access 97 databases.


If reviews have been done on the product, find out when the reviews were published

When a software company posts reviews of their product, check to see when the review was published. Sometimes the review was published years ago when competing software did not exist, and therefore the reviews can be misleading.