QSalesData for Act!

Link Act! & QuickBooks! Having separate Act! and QuickBooks databases is a major source of inefficiency and duplicate work.

QSalesData Link for Act! is the perfect solution to getting Act! and QuickBooks working together. Synchronize your QuickBooks Data with Act!. No need to switch back and forth between programs, you can initiate all of your important tasks from Act!.

Give key sales data to your Act! users without having to give them access to QuickBooks. Individual Act! users do not have to have QuickBooks installed to see the QuickBooks Transactions and QuickBooks Items Purchased from within Act!. This feature alone will save you $$$.

QSalesData is a QuickBooks Link addon that brings data into fields into Act!. This gives Act! users the ability to:

  • Perform Key Lookups using the QuickBooks Data in Act!
  • Use QB Data in Dynamic Group criteria
  • Include QB field data in Reports and Dashboards
  • All QuickBooks data in Act! synchronizes out to remote Act! databases

Implementing the QSalesData QuickBooks Link for Act! will change the way you do business!

Watch a video that describes many of the great features in QSalesData.

Click on the images below to view larger slide show:

QB Data Tab   Opps to Transactions   QB Transactions Tab   QB Items Tab   QBSD Create Transactions

Here are the key features of the QSalesData Link:

  • Link Records to QuickBooks Customers
  • Create QuickBooks Customers from Records in Act!
  • Push Address Changes between Act! and QuickBooks
  • Create QuickBooks transactions (invoice, sales order, estimate, etc.) from within Act!
  • View QuickBooks Transactions from within Act!
  • View QuickBooks Items purchased from within Act!
  • View 5 years of Sales Totals, Past Due Balances, and other key sales metrics in Act!
  • Lookup Customers in Act! by Items Purchased
  • Convert Act! Opportunities to QuickBooks Transactions (Act! 2010 and higher)
  • All data resides in Act! fields and synchronizes out to Act! remote databases

I am beyond Thrilled with this product! It is without a doubt the best software that I have ever bought (and I've bought a lot of software over the years) because it does what I need it to do. Effective Solutions delivered what they PROMISED and more! If you are thinking about this product – you can stop thinking. It will start making you money on day one.
--Bruce Lyon, Owner, Stitch Logo

QBSalesData has given our sales dept. a "birds eye view" of outstanding debt prior to making sales. This has helped our small company stay on top of collecting money prior to initiating additional sales. It is very user friendly, quick to apply and the ability to initiate an invoice directly from Act! is outstanding. I would recommend this product without hesitation!
--Irene E. Holmes, Business Administrator, Western Weather Group

No more back and forth. Life just got easier.


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$159.00 -- One-user License
$149.00 -- Five or more
$139.00 -- Ten or more



We have been asking Act! for a link for QuickBooks for 2 years. With the release of QBSalesData our dream has come true. Thank you very much for your great support. Your program has enabled us to have true visibility on our active VS potential customers. We now have an easy method to keep in touch with our active customers. Also we have a much better grip on our marketing campaigns using our CRM. We appreciate your work. Your program has a direct impact on our bottom line.
--Ramin Heydari, CEO, CellGateUSA, Irvine CA

QBSalesData has been great for my business. I was new to QuickBooks and had used Act in the past, but tackling both at once and trying to integrate them seemed daunting. QBSalesData has been very easy to navigate and is extremely functional. I now spend much less time on data entry and more time on building my business. It has made us much more efficient, and we are now able to track information that used to get lost. Effective Solutions is great to work with.
--Tim Nichols, Four Seasons Home Services, Dallas, TX

Compatible with:

QSalesData works with the following US, Canada and UK versions of Act!

  • Act! 2010 Standard, Premium and Corporate Edition
  • Act! 2011 Pro and Premium
  • Act! 2012 Pro and Premium
  • Act! 2013 Pro and Premium
  • Act! v16 and Newer

QSalesData works with the following US VERSIONS of QuickBooks

  • QuickBooks 2007 Basic, Pro, Premier and Enterprise and newer

QSalesData works with the following CANADIAN and UK VERSIONS of QuickBooks

  • QuickBooks 2010 Basic, Pro, Premier and Enterprise
  • QuickBooks 2011 Basic, Pro, Premier and Enterprise
  • QuickBooks 2012 Basic, Pro, Premier and Enterprise
  • QuickBooks 2013 Basic, Pro, Premier and Enterprise

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The QSalesData product is licensed by the number of workstations that will run QSalesData program. Each physical machine requires a QSalesData license.

Note: The machine that will run the nightly QB Transaction Sync (typically your server) will need a QSalesData license as well.

Annual Maintenance: Your first year of software maintenance is included in your license price. This gives you QSalesData updates throughout your first year as new versions of Act! and QuickBooks are released. After the first year, you will be billed for maintenance (20% of your license cost) on an annual basis.

*If you are purchasing multiple copies, click the 'Buy Now' button below and at the next screen, change the quantity and press the 'Update Quantities' button. Your discount will show up in resulting screen.

NOTE: This product is compatibile with US, Canada and UK versions of QuickBooks only.

QSalesData for Act!

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Includes: One Workstation license
and One year of maintenance
*$149.00 each for 5+
*$139.00 each for 10+
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the information on the QB Invoices tab synchronize out to my Act! remote sync user databases?
Yes. All data on the QB Invoices tab and the Sales Totals tab will synchronize out to remote Act! databases.

Do I need to re-import 3 years of sales data from QuickBooks each time?
No. Once you do your initial import of 3 years of sales data, you can simply pick the date range of sales data since the last time you imported into Act!. But note, you can pick any date range of data to import, and the QSalesData program is smart enough to figure out what to bring in to Act!.

Can I bring in QuickBooks transactions more than 3 years old?
Yes. Transactions will get created on the QB Invoices tab for whatever transactions you export from QuickBooks. But note, the Sales Totals tab will always calculate for a rolling 3-year period.

Do I need to do anything special at the end of the year regarding Sales Totals?
No. The QSalesData import program works off of the current system date to calculate the data on the Sales Totals tab. When you do your first import in the new year, it will recalculate all of the data appropriately.

Will duplicates get created if I import the same data twice?
No. The QSalesData import program keys off of Invoice Number, so it won't create duplicate Invoice transactions.

Will QSalesData work with Act! Premium for Web Versions?
Not yet, we are currently working on a version that will work with Act! for Web. The Sales Totals tab will display properly because those are simply Act! fields, but the QB Invoices tab will not display in Act! for Web at this time.

What happens if existing invoices are updated in QuickBooks?
The next time you import QuickBooks data the invoice transactions on the QB Invoices tab will be updated, and the Sales Totals tab will be recalculated.

Where does the QB Invoices data reside, and is it included in Act! backups?
In Invoice data resides in a custom table in Act! called QSalesData. It will be included in all Act! backups.

If I run an import during the day will it slow down my Act! system?
System speed should not be affected. Note that remote users may see a slight increase in sync times if you are importing a large range of invoice transactions.



More Features

Link Act! Contacts and Companies to QB Records (QB)

QB Link Wizard to link records all at once (QB)

Automatic sync of your QB Transactions into Act! each night (QB). (runs in windows scheduler, can be configured to run on a server without QB open)

Synchronize Customer Address Field Changes between Act! and QuickBooks (QB)

Create Basic Invoice from Contact Record in Act! (QB)

Create QB Customer from a record in Act! (QB)

Create Act! Records from QuickBooks Customer Records (QB)

QuickBooks Sales Related Fields synch to fields in Act!

The Following A/R Related Fields sync to fields in Act!

The Following QB Account Fields sync to fields in Act! Account No., Terms, Type and Rep

QB Data fields can exist on both Company and Contact Records

QuickBooks Transactions Tab in Act! includes: Invoices, Estimates, Sales Receipts and Credit Memos

Double-Click on Invoice Transactions in Act! to see the line item details

All Data exists in Act! and synchronizes out to remote databases!!!

All Data is stored in ACT fields and Tables so you can:

Additional Transaction Types to the QB Transactions Tab

Create Invoices from CLOSED/WON Opportunities in Act! (QB)

Features that have (QB) designator require the QuickBooks client to be installed and open on the computer