Impact Business Suite

Frustrated with the limitations in Act!'s views?

Wish you could do more directly from the Calendar, Opportunity, Task List or Company Views?

  • What if you could see any contact field directly on the Calendar View?
  • How about editing opportunities directly from the Opportunities View with no more toggling back and forth to the contact?
  • Wouldn’t it be handy to perform simple (and complex) math functions or get totals of various columns?
  • Filter columns, create color rules, drag & drop columns, even use a second monitor!

NEW VERSION Impact Suite includes 10 powerful add-ons allowing users to get more work done, quicker and easier. From calendaring to custom tables to opportunities to dashboards; Impact Suite enhances every view in Act!.

Key features include:

  • 10 add-ons in one suite
  • 30+ customizable table templates
  • 60+ customizable reports
  • 5 customizable 'Edit Activity' forms
  • 20+ countries geo-code data ( for radius mapping )
  • Quicker, more responsive interface
  • Powerful data-entry designer
  • Friendly end-user report designer ( sold separately as Impact Report Designer )
  • In-depth document merging to PDF
  • Project Tracking with Activities
  • Side-by-side calendar views
  • Unlimited custom table views
  • Histories and Notes list views ( just like Act! 2014 )
  • Math functions on ALL views
  • Opportunity product bundling
  • Robust in-line filtering
  • Central administrator panel

30+ Custom Lists Templates

Impact allows you to create new lists such as invoices, bids, inventory, billable hours directly in your database. Shared policy numbers with all users on the network. Import your lists from existing Microsoft Excel files. Start with one of our 30+ templates or create one for yourself.

Project Tracking and Activities

Install our 'Project Tracking' template to attach multiple activities into a common project. Display project information such as 'project name' or 'due date' on the calendar. Once the activity is attached to a project a new customizable icon is displayed.

Robust In-List Filtering

The in-line filter and query builder allows you to design a single or a multi condition (advanced) query. A query is a method of filtering the list. Once you have designed a query, the list will be filtered on those conditions.

Powerful Data-Entry Designer

Building your data-entry form will never be easier. We have 18 standard field types such as character, date, decimal, memo, numbers and yes/no fields to choice from. We have included parent-child fields, container controls like tabs and group boxes, custom controls for multi-line, currency or incremental number generation.

In-Depth Document Merging

Impact allows users to create documents based on templates designed using Microsoft Word. Impact has a add-on designer for MS Word to simple access all the fields in the Act! database. The templates can merge any information in a custom table and/or the parent contact records. Word templates can also be converted to PDF.

Enhanced 'Edit Activity'

Allows you to extend the fields on the activity form. You can now add fields to each activity to track mileage or any other field you desire.

Opportunity Product Bundling

Create invoices in seconds using a pre-determined bundle of products. Impact Suite brings you power, flexibility and features not found in native Act! Multiple invoice templates quickly converted to PDF and automatically attached to an out-going email saves you time.

Side-by-side Employee/Users Calendars

Using Impacts calendar add-on you can color code and enhance the calendar view allowing you to display users side-by-side. Select from any contact field such as the ID/Status or email address.

Mapped Driving Directions Using Google

Display the driving direction for multiple activities/appointments. Simple select multiple activities from the task list, right-click and select Map It

Public Calendars and Holidays from Google

Display over 30+ countries holiday calendar directly in the Act! calendar view. No need to sync or manually create known holidays.

Math Functions for data-entry

Math Functions: Sum or count values in a Act! columns directly on the screen. No need to run complex reports. All Act! addons support math functions built into each column like displaying the group counts "State: NY (11 contacts)" or currency total "Totals for  Sales Team Alpha ($156,000)". These functions can add totals and counts at the bottom of each column of any field using aggregate function including: Count, Sum, Average, Min, Max, StdDeviation, ValueCount.

Color Coded List using 'Color Rules'

Color rules are designed to colorize records for rows that match a condition. Color rules can be based on text condition like the one below. In this color rule we are making all rows blue where the word "Triumph" apears in the MAKE column.

Central Administrator Panel

Administer the add-on from any workstation. Simply log into the Act! database as the database administrator and set each users designer, runtime or bypassed setting.

More control over native tables

Don't like calling your customers 'contacts' or are you using the opportunity section to generate bids. Then change the display name for existing tables to a name your company uses.

Order the Suite -- you’ll be glad you did.

“All around great value … and it makes Act! rock!”
--Neil Dempster

"Brings Act! up to a functional level that makes using these views fun. Presents GREAT VISUALS to your Act! experience while adding additional functionality."
--Kathleen Fernan, Act! Certified Consultant and Trainer

“It's like adding a turbocharger to your engine blowing the competition away. It is so revolutionary it energizes you in managing and getting the tasks done!"
--Ron Del Debbio

“Increased the power of Act! dramatically, enabling me to reschedule multiple activities simultaneously. It also empowers me to better control task management than I could do with Act! alone.”
--Keith Patterson,

“Wish we had The Custom Table Designer a year ago when we first switched to Act! Well done Durkin, great product!!!"
--Gary Gregory, Central Bedfordshire Canine Trust

“Thanks very much for your rapid response, if all my vendors acted as quick as you do, I would probably be retired by now!”
--Pete Greco, Productive Corporation



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Impact Business Suite
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SALE $300 -- 1 User

$100 -- Annual Subscription
$200 -- UPGRADE to v7

The Impact Business Suite is a collection of AddOns for Act! also known as modules or plug-ins.


“It’s fantastic and has turned Act! from a limited feature database into a FULLY CUSTOMISABLE and diverse piece of software!”
--Gary Gregory, Central Bedfordshire Canine Trust

System Requirements:

  • Same as Act!

Compatible with:

  • Act! 12 / 2010 and Newer

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