EXPORT|IT for Act!

EXPORT|IT for Act!Export all data from Act! into *.csv files

EXPORTIT exports quickly and easily all required data, even field definitions, from your current Act! database into *.csv files. A wide range of detailed selection criteria and filters is available for data extraction.

Export of

  • Contacts, users, companies, groups
  • Group affiliations, secondary contacts
  • Histories, notes, activities
  • Sales opportunities, products, documents
  • Unique IDs (linking of related records)
  • Created by a user fields
  • Data structures
  • User defined tables
  • Picklists


  • Precise definition of records to be exported
  • Selection of fields to be exported
  • Specification of date range
  • Conditional filters
  • Group filters
  • Export text with or without formatting
  • Automatic or manual execution (with CRMADDON SERVICE|IT)
  • Limitation of the output file to avoid overloading files
  • Act! look-up export
  • Database analysis

On this screenshot you can see the list of export schemas. These schemas are stored and can be edited in future.

How to export all fields with a click

This screenshot shows how to add exporters

How to export Act! Look-up

This screenshot shows how to create SERVICE|IT task for executing exports on a recurrent basis

Combination with other Addons

  • Time scheduled Export -- with SERVICE|IT
  • Event driven Export -- with SERVICE|IT
  • Import this data into the Act! version of your choice -- with IMPORT|IT

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Basic $221.09 -- 1 User
Standard $295.29 -- 1 User
Professional $443.67 -- 1 User

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I really like EXPORT|IT and would recommend it to everyone who needs to export data out of Act!
--GREAT TOOL! -- P. Mitchell

Bought it, used it, worked just fine - did the trick, I´m totally satisfied!
--Kathrin Mayr

System Requirements:

  • For smooth and fast operating we recommend at least 1GB of RAM. 100MB free hard disk space. Network interface card.
  • Windows XP, Vista, Win7 32/64 bit, Win8 all versions but Home edition is not supported.

Compatible with:

  • Act! 9 / 2007 and Newer
  • Available in English and German

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UPGRADES: All addons from CRMADDON Factory are bound to and valid for the version of Act! they were initially registered. If you upgrade your version of Act!, you will be required to upgrade your CRMADDON. (If you upgrade your Act! version within 2 months of purchase, the CRMADDON is free). Below describes how much the upgrade will cost:
-- When Act! is upgraded by one version, the fee for license renewal for the addon is 30% of the current price.
-- When Act! is upgraded by two versions, the fee for license renewal for the addon is 45% of the current price.
-- When Act! is upgraded by three versions, the fee for license renewal for the addon is 60% of the current price.

Please call 800 806-5288 to obtain the correct upgrade.

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