The Fastest Way to Research Accounts & Prospects

Get any prospect's email-id and phone number.

eMail-Prospector is a desktop tool built for sales teams who do their own prospecting. eMail-Prospector finds anybody's business email address. Just type in Name and Company. The software then searches the Internet to find the person's work email address and phone. This tool automatically does all the hard Internet Research, so that you can Start your prospecting faster, and Focus on what's important. It sources the email addresses fresh from the Internet, and not from any pre-built database.

"I service a hard-to-reach niche market. Every contact is as valuable as it is difficult to find. I’ve been using eGrabber’s ever-improving Email-Finding software for five years. The software does a great job identifying contact information of potential Lobby School participants. I highly recommend it."
Robert L. Guyer, President,

"eGrabber eMail-Prospector: GOLD to me - Fast and Efficient. Within the first few weeks of using eMail-Prospector, it had basically paid for itself. By having the information of the correct contact person - my percentage of closing sales increased by 50%."
--Shauna Olfers, Marketing Specialist, The Blancken Insurance Group

"eGrabber eMail-Prospector is absolutely a great product! We use it to streamline our prospecting process."
--Tim Hagen, President,

Prospecting for business email addresses has never been easier!

Contact prospects on professional networks

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  • It's very easy to find decision makers on social and professional networks, but hard to get their attention.
  • Instead of waiting for them to accept your connection, use eMail-Prospector to get their professional email address and reach out to them in their business inbox.

Reach top executives in any company

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  • Most companies have the Names of top decision makers on their website, but no contact information.
  • With eMail-Prospector, you can get email and phone and then reach all of them with targeted email and phone messages.

Leverage online directories & listings


  • Online lists, like association directories, have people with a shared interest, skill or profession.
  • You don't get their contact information unless you are a subscribed member.
  • Paste those contacts into eMail-Prospector to get email and phone. Now you don't need to be a paying member of any site.

Nobody else gives you emails like we do!

eGrabber's Email Address Finder Technology

  • Uses all email-finding techniques known to experts
  • Has email patterns for hundreds of thousands of companies - large, medium, small, companies in all growing industrial sectors
  • Researches & Refreshes data from the Internet
  • Uses Advanced Statistical modelling techniques to project email of people who just joined or do not have an Internet presence
  • eGrabber's email address finding system is patented (US Patent # 8495151 B2)

Great Value for Money! Finds unlimited number of B2B email addresses

eMail-Prospector users get Fantastic Support

Dedicated Support

Our support is one of the best around. Free Phone and email support available during the subscription period. Paid personalized training is also available.

FREE Updates

You can get free upgrades to new versions through the course of your subscription. Minor live updates are automatically downloaded and applied by the software.

Dedicated Training

Free monthly re-training webinars available so that you can keep newbies trained and discover new ways to use the tool. Ask for the Webinar schedule.

eGrabber has 100,000+ users in our 17+ years in business

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The Fastest Way to Research Accounts & Prospects. Just type in Name and Company. The software then searches the Internet to find the person's work email address and phone. FREE TRIAL.

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  • Act! 2013 (v15) and newer

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