eMail-Lead Grabber Business

Process Web Forms Faster, Save Time on Follow-up!

eMail-Lead Grabber Business is the right solution for Act! users who would like to enter data submitted on web forms into their database. It is also ideal for those who want to simplify, improve and bring efficiency into the process of entering web form data into Act!.

eMail-Lead Grabber Business is a fully automated program that not only downloads email with data submitted on web forms and transfers this data into Act!, but also checks for duplicates, schedules follow-up activities, sends auto-responses and more.

Process Web Forms Faster, Save Time


Here is how it works

1. Automatically scans for new email containing data from your web form.
2. Downloads the email and processes it using Filters.
3. Creates a new contact or updates an existing contact record in Act!.
4. Schedules follow-up activities for you in Act!.

eMail-Lead Grabber Business can download email from your POP3 mail server or even scan for new email in your Outlook mailbox and process them to Act!.

"Gets leads to the sales team up to a week faster than before. It's cost effective and easy enough for any administrator to use once set up. Also, it saves me a few hours a week."
--Chris Robinson, eMarketing Manager, Futuremedia Plc

What can eMail-Lead Grabber Business do for you?

  • Automatically processes information submitted on web forms on your web site into Act!.
  • Eliminates time-consuming data entry and errors.
  • Sends personalized Auto-Response email.
  • Distributes leads among your sales team.
  • Schedules activities in Act! to immediately follow up on.
  • Checks for Duplicates and Updates current records in Act!.
  • Enters values in Contact and User defined fields.
  • Reduces future business expansion costs.

Minimum Setup. You don’t need to make any changes to the form on your web site. Just install the program and create a template to map the data submitted on web forms to the corresponding Act! fields. Creating a Template in eMail-Lead Grabber Business is as easy as creating a Word Mail Merge document.

You can also use eMail-Lead Grabber Business to enter the following into Act!:

  • Online credit report information.
  • Property listing details from web site.
  • Online business annual report.
  • Online Vehicle History reports.
  • and more...


  • Hands-off processing of email from web forms into Act!.
  • Uses templates similar to Word mail-merge template.
  • Sets unique processing rules for email from different web forms.
  • Formats information while entering data into Act! – change case, add prefix/suffix...
  • Checks for duplicates before entering data into Act!. Checks on contact, company, phone, zip, email.
  • Provides comparison report for validation on finding a duplicate.
  • Schedules Activities - Call, To Do, Meeting.
  • Extracts email header information (From, To, Subject, Date, Time) and enters it into Act!
  • Saves the processed email in the Act! contact’s record in Notes for future reference.
  • Sends auto responses to email.

"We are able to process more requests and close more sales."
-- Melissa, Alphagraphics "

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Compatible with:

  • Act! 6 and Newer

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