Email-Connect (Outlook)

Do you prefer to send emails with MS Outlook?

EmailConnect is the successful must-have Outlook Connector. EC is a easy, fast, stable and reliable solution to work with Act! and Outlook combined. You have never work with both apps so comfortable. Everyone who works once with EC will not again without it.

Email-Connect also comes in a Professional version. See the additional features the Professional version offers?

Email Connect

Emails will be attached in Act! via Outlook-context-menu or toolbar. After clicking, the mail can be attached automatically or manually to a contact, group or company. After attach process the mail will be displayed in Act! history. The user will be informed by a little notifier window above the systray region. You can also go to an Act! contact. Depending of your settings the mail will be attached in the selected file format.

Email Connect


  • Compatible with Act! 7-12
  • Compatible with Office Outlook 2000-2007
  • Multilanguage: Englisch, German and in Parts French and Dutch
  • Very fast and reliable
  • Attach with one click
  • Attach to contacts, companies and groups
  • Numerous attach settings (with or without attachment (also depending on file size), detailed text)
  • Attachment fileformat can be MSG, HTML, RTF oder TXT
  • Buttons in Act! and Outlook configurable
  • Works with all email fields, and also user-definable fields that are not of type e-mail
  • Compatible with terminalserver
  • Go directly from Outlook to Act! contact.

Email-Connect also comes in a Professional version. See the additional features the Professional version offers? logo


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$69 -- each for 1-9 users
$59 -- each for 10+ users


  • Free TRIAL
    Limitations: Only mails with mail addresses starting with an A, E, I, O, U will be attached

Compatible with:

  • Act! 7 / 2005 and Newer
  • MS Outlook 2000 and newer. (English and German; we can provide versions for other languages upon request.)

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Also comes in a Professional version. More info

What additional features does the Professional version offer?

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