Cut your data entry time in half!

Integrates with ACT! Pro & Premium!

What does it do?

  • With one push of a button dpHistory will:
    • Create Act! activity
    • Clear the activity
    • Create history with actual time
    • Send an e-mail with history details

When you open an Act! Activity or History you cannot perform any other tasks in Act! dpHistory allows you to use Act! at all times.

What can you see?

  • With dpHistory running you can
    • Auto Fill Regarding and Details
    • See live timer: pause | restart | add
    • Data mine Act! in all levels
    • Minimize dpHistory for fuller Act! view
    • Dock dpHistory for easy access
    • Multi-Task
    • Run multiple dpHistory
      • if interupted by phone call, pause timer, dock it, and start a new dpHistory
      • Paste data in details window without RTF

How does it work?

  • Create dpHistory for Act!
    • Enable activity timer [ Start | Pause | Stop ]
    • Enter details during activity
    • Perform other tasks in Act! at the same time
    • Pause timer at any time and dock multiple instances
  • Start another dpHistory
    • When finished, click OK. Activity is created, cleared, and history is created. All 3 with 1 click!
  • When finished with first dpHistory, click OK. Activity is created, cleared, and history is created.
  • Uncheck "Cleared Activity" creates History only
  • Click on "Paste" and your copied text will paste to details unformatted


  • Every time you create an Act! Activity, the activity can be viewed in all calendars, task list and Activity tab associated with Contact, Company or Group. This takes 2 steps to complete the process.
  • When you create an Act! History, it ONLY shows up on history tab.
  • When you create a dpHistory:
    • It creates an Act! Activity
    • Clears the Activity
    • Creates an Act! History
  • Now your information shows on calendar, task list, activity tab and history tab!
  • You can also have multiple instances of dpHistory running at the same time!
  • You can also use Act! while dpHistory is running! Do lookups! Check your calendar! Send email!
  • Time your phone call and enter information about the call at the same time!

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Compatible with:

  • Act! Pro v15 +
  • Act! Premium v15 +

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