A fast and automatic tool to synchronize Lotus Notes with Act!

DoubleNotes -- Always in Sync!

DoubleNotes will synchronize Lotus Notes data with your desktop PIM or CRM software. DoubleNotes runs continuously on your computer as a background process (real-time). Changes to data in either Lotus Notes or your PIM/CRM software are synchronized instantly.

"DoubleNotes mode" is a feature in CompanionLink Professional. It synchronizes Lotus Notes with another PC-based PIM or CRM software (like Outlook, Act!, GoldMine, Palm Desktop, etc.). In DoubleNotes mode, CompanionLink keeps running in the background. It gives you real-time sync so that changes to data in either Lotus Notes or your PIM/CRM software are instantly synchronized.


Data we sync

  • Contacts
  • Calendar events and activities linked to contacts
  • Recurring appointments
  • Notes and histories -- syncs to Notes field of each contact record
  • To-do items and tasks
  • User-defined fields
  • Alarms and reminders
  • Attachment names
  • CompanionLink does not sync email

Other capabilities

  • Real-time sync; the sync engine is always running in the background
  • Select one-way or two-way sync
  • Custom field mapping
  • Select data types to sync (contacts, calendar, and tasks)
  • Select groups or categories to sync
  • Select date range to sync
  • Advanced activity mapping
  • Exclude personal data from sync
  • Free software updates
  • Free technical support

Supported PIM and CRM software

  • Lotus Notes -- versions 4.6.7 and higher
  • Act! -- versions 4 and higher -- Standard, Premium, Real Estate and Financial editions
  • GoldMine -- versions 4 - 8 (dBase and SQL) -- Personal, Premium and Corporate editions
  • Microsoft Outlook -- versions 97 and higher
  • Microsoft Outlook with Business Contact Manager
  • Palm Desktop -- all versions

Premium Support

CompanionLink's Premium Support is like hiring a personal technician for your sync needs. Get placed in front of the support queue and speak with a single dedicated specialist. It is the fastest way to get your support issues resolved!

What you get

  • Front-of-the-line privileges for phone and email queues
  • Single point of technical contact
  • Senior support specialists
  • Option to have us securely log into your PC and do the setup for you
  • Dedicated toll-free number
  • Guaranteed next-day service on voice messages left during non-business hours
  • 12 months of service; call as often as you need to
  • All agreements expire after 12 months unless you choose to renew.



Other products by CompanionLink:

Supports sync with all the latest mobile devices, including Palm, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry handhelds. Two-way sync for contacts, appointments, to-do lists, memos, opportunities, history, and custom fields. Supports linked contacts with appointments. Free unlimited technical support. CompanionLink Professional can synchronize multiple Act! databases using the powerful Category Manager.

Two-way sync between Act! and Lotus Notes. Make changes in either program and DoubleNotes will automatically synchronize them in real-time. You dont even need both programs running!

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Compatible with:

  • All Versions of Act!

Technical Support


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DoubleNotes is compatible with all versions of Act!. When you install DoubleNotes, select the Act! version you are using and it will work just fine.

For Premium Support -- All agreements expire after 12 months unless you choose to renew.

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