Do it! Bill it!

Because tracking your time...should not waste your time. Time and Task Tracking for Act!

Do It! Bill It!Automatically creates invoices in Peachtree and QuickBooks

  • Create projects for Act! Contacts.
  • Easily track hours.
  • Create invoices with one click.


  • NEW -- In Act!, built-in Hierarchical To-Do List for managing projects, tasks and tracking time.
  • NEW -- Merge Time from Act! to QuickBooks Employee Time Tracking Module  (or directly to QuickBooks Invoices)
  • Link Project task to your Act! contacts -- and view project info and time spent on custom Act! tab.
  • Add notes to Work items and create distinct internal notes or client documentation.
  • Automatically generate invoices in QuickBooks or Peachtree.
  • Easily track billable and non–billable time.
  • Assign Work items to Act! users -- shows up on Act! calendar.
  • Built-in Report module!


Do It! Bill It!™ bridges the Act! gap between project management, tracking billable time, and creating invoices. With Do It! Bill It!™ you can create work items (deliverables) for your Act! Clients; assign them to Act! users with due dates; schedule them as activities in the Act! calendar; track billable and non-billable hours spent on them; and when it's time to create an invoice for the work items, one click of a button and the entire invoice is done in QuickBooks or Peachtree. And Do It! Bill It!™ lets you keep extensive notes on each work item that can be marked for internal use or for a client reports using our built-in Report module.

Tracking Work Items

Create Work items (Project tasks) for your Act! clients/contacts. Assign tasks and projects to other Act! users with due dates if needed. Tasks get automatically entered onto the Act! calendar. Extensive notes can be kept on each task and marked for Internal or Client (reporting) use. As users work on the tasks, they can easily add a time entry to the task.

The built in TO DO LIST allows Viewing of work items sorted by client, by Act! user, or across your entire database. Or search for all work items due within a specific time period.

View your billable Project Tasks on Custom Act! tab

View work items from within Act! on the Do It! Bill It!™ tab. Easily add hours spent on work items by just clicking a button in Act!

Tracking Time

Easily add your time as you go and Do it Bill it will create an invoice for you!!

  • Add unlimited time entries directly to a client or to a project task.
  • Both Billable and non-billable time can be recorded.
  • Billable time will be held until you are ready to invoice, and your time entries will automatically be sent to your QuickBooks/ Peachtree invoice.


All hours get tracked by Project, client, and Act! user. The built-in reporting module will give you a choice of several reports filtered however you need them.


  • Hours by Project -- an overview of hours spent (billable vs non-billable) on a project.
  • Hours by Users -- an overview of hours worked by a staff person. Can filter by date range or project or client.
  • Client Documentation -- a report of Client notes you’ve added to the client projects.
  • Project Documentation -- a detailed report of all time and all notes for a project.
  • Client Billing Report -- a report of all billable items, with more details then you might include on the invoice.

New Functionality

More functionality from within Act!
From inside Act!, View, Edit or Create Work Items.

Log Time & add notes from any application
Our new floating menu eliminates the need to navigate back into Act!. You can schedule billable time while in MS Word, Excel, Photoshop, etc. Any Scheduled time will be saved on your Act! Calendar and Completed time can be invoiced with one click.

Work Off-line
Work remotely from your laptop and update the shared database when you re-establish a network connection (no setup required).

Our new Time Entry dialog from inside ACT!
Simplifies the Scheduling of your Billable Hours -- Now Do it in Act!
Easy access from Act! Toolbar Icons and Act Menus and include all your Act! Activity preferences at the same time: (Color, Priority, Alarm, etc).

New Enterprise version runs on SQL
For workgroups up to 50 people.


Do it!  Bill it!




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