Converting Databases to Act!

Converting your databases to Act! Data migration service for all versions of Act!

Act! Convert logoWe migrate contact management data into Act! without leaving valuable data behind. Convert companies, contacts, activities, histories, notes, sales, groups, custom fields, attachments and more!  We can do it faster, cheaper and and better, including data relationships. We convert from Goldmine, Gorilla, Maximizer, SalesForce, Sharkware, TeleMagic and many more.

We help organize data into a form where it can best be acted upon, to fulfill your goals.

"Thanks a million! Your work was terrific! And you can quote me on it."
--Attorney E. Romero, Milwaukee, WI (former SharkWare user, now using Act!)

"You've brought more customers from Act!'s competitors than any ACC (Act! Certified Consultant)."
--Act! Sales Associate

"Thanks Rick. This is GREAT!!!!"
--Elias Dergal-Alpizar, Regional Manager Latin America, Act! Division

Knowledge is for ACTion.
ACTion is for achievement.
Achievement is for fulfillment.

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Compatible with:

  • Act! 3 and Newer


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The conversion service is done with a pre-quoted estimate and not-to-exceed price.  We provide ample references.  Once we have begun work, we cannot refund for our time expended.

For quantities over 1,000,000 please call 800 806-5288.

*If you are purchasing multiple copies, click the 'Buy Now' button below and at the next screen, change the quantity and press the 'Update Quantities' button. Your discount will show up in resulting screen.

All products have a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee unless otherwise noted. All returned products are subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Converting databases to Act!

      Delivery Contact count Price    
     Conversion 1-50 $120.00 Buy Now  
      51-100 $140.00 Buy Now  
      101-250 $160.00 Buy Now  
      251-500 $180.00 Buy Now  
      501-1000 $210.00 Buy Now  
      1001-1750 $240.00 Buy Now  
      1751-2500 $270.00 Buy Now  
      2501-3750 $300.00 Buy Now  
      3751-5000 $330.00 Buy Now  
      5001-7500 $360.00 Buy Now  
      7501-10,000 $390.00 Buy Now  
      10,000-12,500 $420.00 Buy Now  
      12,501-15,000 $450.00 Buy Now  
      15,001-17,500 $480.00 Buy Now  
      17,501-25,000 $510.00 Buy Now  
      25,001-37,500 $540.00 Buy Now  
      37,501-50,000 $570.00 Buy Now  
      50,001-75,000 $600.00 Buy Now  
      75,001-100,000 $630.00 Buy Now  
      100,001-250,000 $660.00 Buy Now  
      250,001-500,000 $720.00 Buy Now  
      500,001-750,000 $780.00 Buy Now  
      750,001-1,000,000 $840.00 Buy Now  

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