We get asked every day, "Do you have a way of doing this?" So we compiled a list of this's.

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The Documents TAB in Act! is a good tool, but The FileManager makes it A Lot Easier!

Create Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Documents and have them AUTOMATICALLY connected to the Open Contact Record in Act! AND The FileManager Creates and Manages Folder Hierarchy in your Windows browser for you, in local, network shared or even Cloud Storage, Seamlessly!
The FileManager

Category: Data Management

When the phone rings, you want Act! to open to the Contact's page.

Maybe it could dial out too. Automatically add to your Notes & History.

Call On CRM
Universal Dialer Plugin

Category: Phone Tools

Want to capture Contacts from your website and put them into a Drip Marketing Campaign?

Drip Marketing is the way to go. Below are some solutions to get you on the path. Give us a call if you need more information.

AddressGrabber Business
Sales Automation Bundle
Sales Automation Manager

Categories: Sales|Marketing Tools | Data Entry | Automation | Workflow|Process Tools