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Act! Database Hosting. Put your Act! in the cloud!

Getting to your Act! data when you need it is vital. Putting your Act! in the cloud gives you the access you need to take your productivity to the next level. Our Act! Certified Consultant support team not only has the technical expertise to host your Act!, they also offer Act! user support that most hosting providers can’t.

VIRTUAL DESKTOP HOSTING (Powered by Citrix) Get to your data on any device with a single login ...

  • Work with anyone on your team from anywhere
  • Little or no capital investment
  • Eliminate workstation upgrades
  • No servers needed
  • Your desktop goes where you do
  • We can also host Microsoft Office, Quickbooks and many of your favorite Act! Addons

Tandem CloudTop Database Hosting for Act!
We Offer 3 options for hosting your Act! in the cloud:

Act! over Citrix (Virtual Desktop) -- With Act! over Citrix you have complete access to all of the functionality of the Act! software package. Citrix allows you to log in remotely to our server and from your perspective, Act! shows up on your system just like any other program over a virtual desktop. However, the program and data reside on our server. All that passes to you are screen views and keyboard commands. There are no programs to load on your machine, just a small Plug-in.

Act! Premium Synchronization -- Benefits of this solution include offline access to your data and use of the full windows desktop program and most of its features. Generally speaking a greater level of trust and responsibility is required of sync enabled users, but it can be a great solution for businesses requiring offline availability.

Act! for Web -- Offers a “lighter” hosted solution than the Act! desktop product. Act! for Web is easily accessible via the internet on a compatible browser.

About Tandem Cloudtop

At CLOUDTOP OFFICE, we work in Act! daily in our own business and have helped our clients for nearly 15 years.

We have multiple Act! Certified Consultants on staff and maintain Act! Premier Trainer status. We are also a Platinum level Act! reseller which allows us to provide the best possible pricing on Act! software. We have expertise in the technical aspects of Act!, Software Training, and Sales Training. We are committed to doing more than showing you how to use a piece of software. We are all about helping you use Act! to become more productive and sell more! We are proud that our team has a combined total of over 100 days of training since 2000 in various technical aspects of Act! Software. We have attended Certification Training, Act! Premier Trainer Training and annual Act! Certified Consultant Conferences. This is above and beyond that which most Act! Consultants have achieved and beyond what is required by our certification.

Maintaining a competitive edge requires you to work smarter to accomplish more. Designed with extensive user input, delivers new functionality and enhancements that help you maximize your time, prioritize intelligently, and be informed and prepared to market and sell.

Streamlined Company Management, New Calculated Fields, New History View, Mobile Enhancements, Usability Upgrades, System Enhancements & More! Find out about all the newest Act! features from our Act! Hosting area.

We Provide support for our hosted customers from our team of Act! Certified Consultants Hosting service requires an Act! License per user. If you do not already own Act!, we can provide you with a either purchased or leased licenses.

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1-2 Users $85/User/Month
3-10 Users $75/User/Month
11-30 Users $65/User/Month

Compatible with:

  • Act! 13 / 2011 and Newer

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Act! Virtual Desktop

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