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See which Contacts are located in the same area as the current Contact

Do you regularly have an appointment with a customer who is a good drive away from your office? With Act!@Map Pro you can see which Contacts are located in the same area as the current Contact. This way, you can easily combine multiple appointments. This is a feature only available in the Pro version.

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Simply look up the Contact in Act!, and with one click you can see all Contacts in the same neighborhood, within a given range. These Contacts automatically replace the current lookup, so you can generate a route along them right away, because with Act!@Map Pro you also have all functionality of the standard Act!@Map. So the geographical locations of the Contacts are retrieved automatically from Act!. For each Contact you will see an icon on the map, so you can visualize your customer density.

You can also let Act!@Map automatically generate a route overview along a selection of Contacts. From your My Record the shortest / most practical route is calculated. Indications of traveling time and distance are also listed for convenience.


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Act!@Map Pro

Compatible with:

  • Act! V17 and newer


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Act!@Map Pro

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